We are delighted to announce that our ACE Wholesale/Retail UK/Europe stores are opening


E-scooters & E-bicycles stay fit & safe, these are NOT toys,wear a bicycle helmet/hat, it is perfectly possible you can use both E-scooters & E-bicycles to & from work, collapsing them transporting them on Busses, Trains both Overground/Underground & Tram as part or all of your round trip.

Electric scooters are not to be used on footpaths. We view this as being adults with e-scooters. Children are seen using scooters for school & shopping, with this in mind drive/ride carefully give others a chance to hear and see you,  cycle lanes are expanding using them is largely accepted.

In time Government will advise on Insurance & Road Tax but right now we are safe. Do not lock them with a chain it will be stolen put your scooter in the shopping cart where possible do your shopping and put your goods in a back pack NOT in a bag on the running board or hanging from handles or holding while using your e-scooter.


It remains the complete responsibility of the customer to ensure that operation with an e-scooter remains within all country and local laws

The customer assumes responsibility and risk associated within the use of all e-scooter products seated or other and place, ACE Wholesale-Mobility and its owners free from any liability caused by their use.

Above all else be polite & give way, do not speed and be cautious of potholes and uneven pavement kerbs and road signage.

ACE Seated Collapsible Mobility

We have no plans to offer with UK Motability or Mobility as part of a Government scheme, please consult with your local retailer for this.

The ACE Seated Collapsible Mobility can offer extraordinary ability for mobility use. The ride is like no other with air tyres for complete comfort, the ability to collapse by folding the seat & handle then the floor pan will fold. No need to remove cumbersome battery packs 1st, its all-in-one!


Basket front and back with fittings – Stem seat with child seat are available