We are delighted to announce that our ACE Wholesale/Retail UK/Europe stores are opening
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Adult Seated Scooter

Retail Price: £499

Trade Price
  • LED Front/Rear lights & handlebar breaks
  • LED Rear indicators
  • LED speed-level 1,2,3-cruise and side use phone attachment their if required
  • LED Multi switching running board under lights
  • Extending Handles & Suspension with front/rear wheels seat stem seat
  • 10” air tyres with inner-tube
  • Scooter Stand, splash guards front & rear
  • Disc brakes front/rear
  • Fully collapsible handlebars & seat and seat stem
  • Seat stem can be removed
  • Approximately 18kg when lifting
  • Speed approximately 40kmh
  • Range 40km
  • Max weight 150kg
  • Includes How to guide – Tool kit – 3 pin UK Charger
  • Helmet Recommended but NOT included
  • Not sold for under 19yr olds and a knowledge of road safety is paramount as is people and road awareness


Please expect there be a 2/3 day delivery charge of £28 per item
Customers will need to unpack without breaking delivery packaging Styrofoam or bags removing bubble wrap when erect.

Click out handlebars turn black button to prevent collapsing prior to riding. Seat and handlebar stem may need several attempts to fix support. When connecting the LED MONITOR cable YOU HAVE JUST “1” ATTEMPT so ensure the inner male attachment is exactly aligned with the female attachment a small grommet/opening is the only way and the waterproof connection is ONLY right if lighted LED is shown.